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Love, etc.The Love Triangle Continued We Have Met Stuart Before And His Best Friend Oliver And Gillian, The Woman They Both Loved In Julian Barnes S Talking It Over Gillian And Stuart Were Married Until Oliver Witty, Feckless Oliver Stole Her Away In Love, Etc Barnes Revisits Stuart, Gillian And Oliver Using The Same Intimate Technique Of Allowing The Characters To Speak Directly To The Reader, To Whisper Their Secrets, To Argue For Their Version Of The Truth Darker And Deeper Than Its Predecessor Love, Etc Is A Compelling Exploration Of Contemporary Love And Its Betrayals.

Read ✓ Love, etc. By Julian Barnes –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Love, etc.
  • Julian Barnes
  • English
  • 05 February 2018
  • 9780330484183

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    Cupid was shooting poison darts when he spied the characters in Love, etc This romantic bloodbath is the latest wicked novel from Julian Barnes, England s sharpest satirist.Tell them about Gillian.Do you mind I m trying to review a book here Ahem Looking like a script than a novel, this comic tragedy unfolds entirely in dialogue, as a series of soliloquies and private confessions on the oldest subject in the world Conveniently, all the parts are labeled, so it s clear from the start who s speakingTen years have passed since we met Gillian, Stuart, and Oliver in Talking It Over Vintage In that novel, Gillian switched her affections from Stuart to his best friend, Oliver, with devastating effect.No hard feelings All blood under the bridge.Since then, Gillian has been or less happily married to Oliver and raising their two little girls She s a successful restorer of old paintings, and he s an unsuccessful film writer, whose pyrotechnic language flickers between wit and lunacy.If Gillian is so good at spotting fakes, what s she doing with Oliver The novel opens when Stuart makes a surprise reappearance in London He s returned from a decade in America, divorced again and rich from his organic food business Now, he just wants to pop in and catch up with his old friends.Oliver stole her off me He wanted my life so he took it He made Gill fall in love with him.The most enjoyable aspect of this initially entertaining and ultimately disturbing novel is the interplay of...

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    The conversation continues.There s Gillian, who appears the most sensible but may well be the most calculating and manipulative.There s Oliver, who appears the most up but is in fact down Way down.There s Stuart, who appears the most innocent but is in fact a scheming monster.A few other people are allowed to speak Gillian s Mum, her daughter, her colleague This adds spice to the mix But it was never bland, even before they popped in.Barnes makes the voices of Stuart and Oliver so distinct in themselves and so wondrously authentic feeling that I find it hard to resist th...

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    Book no 4 by Julian Barnes precisely, the fourth audiobook I loved Love, etc. The title itself couldn t be better because this novel is mostly about love and relationships and other things, that come under the umbrella of etc Barnes takes a magnifying glass and points it at love, especially as its manifestation between a man and a woman He does this very well through several unreliable narrators, but ultimately, this is the story of a threesome that s made up of Stuart and Oliver, best friends, and their wife, Gillian Yes, that s right Gillian was married to both of them Not at the same time First, she was married to Stuart and then divorced him for Oliver Ten years later, Stuart comes back from the USA and gets back in touch with Gillian and Oliver, who now live in a shabby house and have two daughters Gillian is an art restorator, and Oliver is I m not sure what Stuart is a successful business man Slowly, he makes himself very useful by becoming their landlord, and eventually Oliver s employer Is Stuart still in love with Gillian...

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    One of the best sequels one can possibly think of The story keeps getting better Simply Brilliant

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    Julian Barnes at his best There can t be a sequel better than this one.Nobody knew for 10 years that Stuart, Gillian and Oliver s journey is not over in Talking It Over.If you want to see how twisted minds can take shape of a fantastic story, you ve got these

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    Julian Barnes is a strange fish Kind of straddling both serious novels and escapism He s like an extremely capable and intellectual novelist who s decided to write very accessibly just because it s fun that way I like his sense of humour.But it s there, in these stories Deepness, darkness, complexity He still seems to write with the assumption that every normal reader has a smattering of French and a good understanding of Greek mythology He wears his smarts in the lining of his coat, not immediately apparent.So this is a sequel to Talking It Over, one I didn t realise existed until I went looking for something in the parents bookshelves again It seemed superfluous but I got into it I still can t help picturing everyone as the characters from Peep Show.Gillian was the character who bothered...

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    Continuarea acestei pove ti mai mult sau mai pu in de dragoste mi a dat tremurici n talp , cum s ar spune n primul r nd, situa iile din Trois au luat propor ii i au fost duse la extrem, lucru nu foarte previzibil dup sf r itul primei c r i, iar pe de alt parte, totul a devenit mult mai grav, dramatic i chiar agresiv.De i Barnes ne face s ne sim im ca i c nd nu ne am fi desp r it niciodat de Stuart, Oliver sau Gillian, cu siguran avem de a face cu personaje aproape complet diferite Dup zece ani de mariaj, Oliver i Gillian au dou feti e, Sophie i Marie, iar lucrul nea teptat este revenirea brusc a lui Stuart n via a lor De i n aparen Oliver i a p strat umorul i lipsa total de interes fa de realitatea lumii moderne, Stuart, g ndirea practic n termeni economici iar Gillian buna dispozi ie i t ria de caracter, pentru a i putea ntre ine financiar familia, cei trei se confrunt mult mai puternic cu fantomele trecutului pe care au crezut c le au l sat n urm.Mai mult dec t sigur c trebuie s ajung la v rs...

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    It s hard to imagine a perfect marriage of form and content than Love, etc, in which Julian Barnes continues the story of characters that came to life in Talking It Over If, however, this marriage is fine, then equally the marriage of Gillian and Oliver is not And neither, for that matter, was the previous one that temporarily joined Gillian and Stuart.Julian Barnes tells the story of this love triangle entirely in the first person Gillian, Oliver and Stuart appear like talking heads on a screen to relate their own side of things Since we left them at the end of Talking It Over, Stuart has moved to the States, where he has become a successful businessman and has found a new partner Oliver, meanwhile, having won the hand of fair Gillian, has started his family but has fallen on hard times, an experience he seems to regard merely as a passing phase, except that it s clearly not a phase and neither does it pass Re enter Stuart, and thus the situation progresses.Occasionally, especially when the principal actors mention them, minor characters appear to have their often substantial say There is an ex, a new girlfriend, an occasional mother Also, the children have...

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    I m glad I have been reading all these books by Barnes Ten years have gone by now and the three people we met in Talking it Over have gone through remarkable changes personal, occupational, habitual, mental They are narrating what happened to them over the ten years and what has been happening to them in the recent period The book starts exactly where I wanted I wanted Gillian s account of the last event in Takking it Over and this is where Love, etc begins Julian Barnes has had a great mastery of writing in these people After ten years, the rhetoric of the people have changed too and Barnes has made this change happen dexterously The narration here in this book is scattered in comparison to Talking it Over While in the first book, we often see people s account of the same event back to back, here you see there are people who are talking one after the other and the ties are not so immediate The second book, in addition, involves characters and I specifica...

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    Not one, not two, but three count em three unreliable narrators How fun Julian Barnes is brilliant This is the story of a love triangle, of sorts Oh it s all so very modern, or post modern, or at least contemporary Gillian and Oliver are married Oliver s one time best friend is Stuart Gillian and Stuart were once married Oliver stole Gillian from him one might say Oliver is a pompous prig, an over educated wastrel, with various projects in development which is another way of saying he thinks about things to do, but never does them Stuart was a bit of a milquetoast but seems to come into his own when he leaves England after the divorce, goes to the States and becomes a successful businessman in organic veggie marketing Go figure, it was the nineties Of course, then he comes back back to England, back into Gillian s and Oliver s lives.But none of that is important, that s only plot and character No, the brilliant and highly entertaining part of this book is the way it s told in separate, long, individualised block quotes As if the characters were speaking to an un identified interviewer, ...

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