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How Long Will I Love You It Might Look Weird For A Musician To Fangirl Another Musician, But Ed Finley Didn T Give A Damn He Adored And Had A Crush On Singer And Pianist, Gavin O Malley To The Point Of Sticking O Malley S Pin Ups All Over The Walls Of His Room Ed Thought His Dream Had Come True When He Was Scheduled To Perform Together With His Idol On Stage Gavin O Malley Thought Ed Was Okay When They Ended Up Being Together That Night The Night Meant Everything To Ed, While It Was Only Another One Night Stand For Gavin Ed Decides To Stay Away While Gavin, After Rejecting Ed, Couldn T Stop Thinking About The Other Man Will Gavin Get A Chance To Tell Ed His True Feelings

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    As a huge Ed Sheeran fan, I think knowing that he inspired Iyana Jenna s character of Ed Finley, just added to my enjoyment of the book Yet as Ed spends the majority of the novella silent, I think it is Gavin who totally wins us over The arrogance we think we see in him, after their initial encounter, disappears and is replaced by a vulnerability and genuine self acceptance.The story develops, as we...

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    The ending was a bit too fluffy for me but I did enjoy the story as whole What little readers glimpsed of Gavin behavior towards Ed at the start of the book didn t carry out through the story Gavin was a bit of a jerk and by the end he kind...

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    I really liked this book Ed and Gavin are both musicians with Ed idolizing Gavin Ed was in love lust after the one night together Gavin not so much The author paints a beautiful picture of how and why these two came together eventually Loved the book

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