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Coals of Fire ATLANTA HAD SCARLETT.AND NOW MOBILE HAS JULIANNA Two Enemies Brought Together By COALS OF FIRE Romans 12 20Fictional Civil War Historical Romance NovelToiling To Maintain Their Family Farm And Praying For Her Someone, Little Does A Fiercely Proud Southern Miss Realize That The Handsome Union Cavalry Officer Who Crosses Her Path On The Day The Yankees March Into Mobile Holds Secrets Into Her Past A Heartwarming Tale Of How The Lord Helps Two Childhood Friends Learn To Bridge The Chasm Of Being Yankee And Rebel And To Cope With The Burden Of Becoming Star Crossed Lovers.Sample From Novel I Hate Roaches And Spiders Julianna Shivered The Only Thing I Hate Worse Than Them Is Let Me Guess Reid Interrupted Yan Snakes Reid Grinned And In Her World They Probably Wore Blue Uniforms.

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    Raging FireThis book has been a pleasure to read I expect that the coals of passion are still exploding in the lives of the northern and southern ancestors on Reid and Julianne That kind of love will never be denied whether it snows or shelters love will find a way Thank you for writing about the ending of instead of beginning of that fateful war...

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