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Lady Shark Forget Everything You Know, Forget Every Lesson You Were Ever Taught All The Rules Have Been Broken, All Bets Have Been Called Off The World As You Know It Is About To Disappear.I Thought I Knew How The Game Worked I Thought I Had It All Figured Out, Slinging High Interest Loans To People Too Stupid To Know Better Or Too Far Gone To Have Any Other Option I Had A Nice Car, A House In The Suburbs I Had Cable Television, Twenty Four Hour Make Up And Shoes That Matched My Handbag I Was An Apex Predator At The Top Of My Game I Thought I Was Untouchable I Was Wrong.I D Forgotten One Thing, One Very Important Thing It Doesn T Matter How Big You Are There S Always A Bigger Shark Out There In My Case, That Shark Was A Revolutionary Named Scarlett Black She Didn T Just Want My Money, She Wanted Me All Of Me She Claimed My Body, Opened My Mind And Demanded Nothing Less Than Total Obedience She Didn T Get It.

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