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A Bitter Field (Roads to War, #3)1938 While Hitler Sets His Sights On The Sudetenland, Not Everyone In Britain Is Willing To Appease Him Convinced That The Fuehrer S Land Hunger Is Insatiable, The Head Of The SIS Recruits Cal Jardine To Help Him Prove That Czechoslovakia Is Threatened With Invasion As Jealousy And Mutual Suspicions Within Secret Service Ranks Make It Impossible For Jardine To Tell Friend From Foe, He Rediscovers Old Friends Of Dubious Loyalty And Makes New Enemies Of Untested Ruthlessness.The Final Installment In Ludlow S Sweeping Series In The Pre WW2 European Powder Keg.

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    Tries to be a Le Carre but in my opinion does not make it.Ending is no surprise

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    gave up after only 140 pages

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    A thrilling end to this series Set in Czechoslovakia ahead of Hitler s planned invasion of the Sudetenland.More like an early spy thriller we are given the usual mix of action, thrills and romantic intrigue.A well written account of the various interests in pre war Europe you are propelled in the suspense of the time, with the threats of disclosure and capture with every turn of the page.The whole thing is climaxed by a thrilling outcome where friend and foe fight for their lives History is not changed with such writing but the period is brought alive and makes for a wonderful backdrop for this compelling story.I enjoyed this series of books and the period appealed to my sense of political history David Donachie and writing as Jack Ludlow shows a great sense of time and place and he writes with energy and pace Above all his characters are believable and come alive from the page to make all the books in this Roads to War trilogy worth reading an...

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    This is the third book of a trilogy of pre world war II adventurer Cal Jardine, who in the previos books fought in Ethiopia and Spain This book is centered around Czechoslovakia in 1938 just before Hitler and the Nazis storm the country Filled with intrigue, spies and suspense I thoroug...

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