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Golf Gods Imagine If You Suddenly Found Yourself In A World Where Golfing Is A Way Of Life Each Morning, The People Of This World Wake Up To Play Golf And Work On Their Courses They Are Paid According To The Condition Of Their Courses And Any Improvements Made Every Course Reflects Its Owner S Persona.You Are The Course Inspector You Work For The Golf Gods You Are Responsible For Inspecting The Condition Of Each Course You Meet People Like Slow Hand Sunn, Betting Thomas, Mangled Mandie And Many You Find Yourself Involved With Night Golfers And In Conflict With The Committee Of Moral, Ethical And Economic Development This World Will Take You On A Spiritual Quest That Is Both Enlightening And Thought Provoking.It Is An Astonishing And Educational Journey With The Help Of A Mystical Book And A Mysterious Guide, This Is One Journey Not Soon To Be Forgotten ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Green Has A Master S Degree In Counseling And Almost 25 Years Of Counseling Experience He Has Worked On An Inpatient Psychiatric Ward, With Individuals With Chronic Mental Illness, With Families, Individuals With Developmental Disabilities College Students, High School Age Kids, Juvenile Delinquents, People With Substance Abuse Issues, And People With Severe Injuries That Dramatically Affected Their Lives He Is An Author And Has Written Articles And Newsletters For Businesses And Newspapers The One Thing That Always Troubled Me , Mr Green Stated Was That You Could Take A Persons Problem And Explain It With A Theory Of Counseling I Always Felt That People Are Unique There Problems Are Unique You Cannot Say That A B Always Leads To Problems You Can Take A Person And Explain The Same Issue With Several Different Counseling Theories Are They All Right I Am Uncomfortable Explaining My Behavior And My Personality Based On A Theory Of Counseling Not All People React To The Same Situation The Same Way I Choose To Believe That People Are Than A Product Of Upbringing Or Significant Events That Affect Their Lives Working On An Inpatient Psychiatric Ward David Got To Work With Individuals In The Throws Of A Psychotic Episode Working With Chronic Mental Illness He Was Able To Work With People That Struggle With Problems On A Daily Basis At First I Used To Think, Why Don T Theses People Just Wake Up And Get Over It But Than I Learned That There Issues Are Than Just A Decision Making Process Some People S Problems Are Physical Or Chemical Imbalances Others Are A Personality Flaw.

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