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Victims of Communism and Their Persecutors Part One Of This Book Addresses The Question Of How Can The Restorative Justice Process Provide Restitution And Transform Future Relations Between The Victims Of Communism And Their Persecutors Part Two Of This Book Includes Reviews Of Several Important Components Of The Negotiation, Conflict Resolution Peacebuilding Literature Such As The Prisoner S Dilemma Intragroup, Intergroup And Extragroup Approaches Research Design And Interpretation Communication And Conflict Negotiation Tactics Mediation And Intercultural Conflict.Part Three Discusses Several Aspects Of The Literature Review, Namely Restorative Justice Methodology Introduction Intrapersonal Interpersonal And Societies Part Four Analyzes A Satisfactory Solution To The Proposed Question, By Using A Two Tier Process Conflict Management And Conflict Resolution They Involve The Focus On Sources Of Conflict Analytical Versus Synthetic Approach Social Contents Of Constructive Competition From Retributive To Restorative Justice Mediation As Reparation For Communist Persecutions Multi Track Diplomacy Pluralism By The Rules Reg Neg Justice And Conflict Resolution Strengths And Weaknesses Of Conflict Resolution Techniques And Conclusion.Part Five Concerns An Application For A Future Program Which Includes Conferences, Exhibits, Research, College And University Curriculum Geared To Both Educate The Public On Communist Violence And To Help The Victims Of Communism Come To A Conflict Resolution With Their Perpetrators And Find Meaning In Their Ordeals.

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