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Shifting Shadows (Metal and Magic Book 1) (English Edition)Something Is Moving In The Shadows Of Hanover Hills.Being The Lead Enforcer Of A Werewolf Pack Isnt The Easiest Job In The World, But Deckard Warren Doesnt Trust Anyone Else To Do It Most Days He Doesnt Trust Anyone, Period He Leads His Unit Of Ironheld Wolves Defending Their Territory And Protecting Their Alpha With Vigilance And A Wrath As Unforgiving As He Is When A Man Who Doesnt Know His Own Name Is Chased Into Wolf Territory By A Rival Pack, Deckard Discovers Something He Thought Didnt Exist For Him And That He Knows He Doesnt Deserve Colt Is Running, But From What And To Where He Doesnt Remember Anything Before The Moment He Crossed The Border Into Ironheld Wolf Territory With Only The Clothes On His Back After He Leaps Straight Into The Arms Of The Gruffest, Most Intimidating Man He Thinks Hes Ever Met, The Werewolf Seems Hell Bent On Helping Colt Get His Memories Back If Only So He Can Send Him On His Way With No Other Options, Colt Takes Deckard Up On His Offer Of Refuge And Sets Out To Figure Out What Happened To Him Even As Proximity To The Werewolf Threatens To Have Him Losingthan The Recollection Of His Past.But When The Shadows Shift And Enemies Are Brought To Light, Will Deckard And Colt Find A Way To Stand Together Or Watch As Everything Around Them Drowns In Darkness Shifting Shadows Is Part Of A Continuing Series And While The Romance Arc Ends In A HFN, The Overall Story Arc Is Ongoing And Ends On A Soft Cliffhanger.

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