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Who We Were (English Edition)XC Who We Were English Edition Epub XF Auteur Melissa Collins Tanitiyor Who We WereTwo Awkward Teenagers The Loner And The Nerd, Trying To Find Our Place In The World Paired In Wood Shop, We Knew Nothing Of Each Other, Except That We Wanted To Know Everything Then One Life Altering Moment Changed It All And We Were Left With Shattered Dreams And Broken Hearts Who We AreTwo Grown Men Braver And Smarter Than We Used To Be, Trying To Heal The Damage From That Irrevocable Moment Even Though The Past Was Behind Us, Dead And Buried Long Ago, We Found It Impossible To Move On Without Ripping Open The Scars Of Our Deep Wounds With Twelve Years Of Unanswered Questions Fueling Our Desperate Need For The Truth, We Must Figure Out If Who We Were Will Destroy Who We Are

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