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Guarded Hearts (English Edition)Guarded Hearts English Edition T L Charger Auteur Louisa Keller Bootlejobcentre Nobody Has Ever Made Me Feel Like This Blaise I Only Took A Summer Job Lifeguarding Because I Wanted Something To Do In The Last Few Months Before Heading Off To College Cue Forest Ethridgemy Prickly, Defensive Coworker Im Drawn To Him Right Off The Batdespite The Fact That He Seems To Find Meof A Nuisance Than Anything Else I Fall Hard And Fast, Despite His Warnings That I Should Guard My Heart Carefully Just As Hes Opening His Own Heart To Me, Forest Disappears Without A Trace, Leaving Me Wondering What Exactly Went Wrong Ten Years Later Im Still Grappling With The Repercussions Of My First Devastating Loveand Thats When He Shows Up Again Can I Look Past My Own Pain Long Enough To Find Out What Happened Or Is It Better To Move On With My LifeI Have One Rule Dont Let Anybody In Forest As A Teenager, I Learned The Hard Way That Nobody Except My Sister Faye Can Be Trusted Still Reeling From Our Parents Abandonment, Weve Figured Out How To Fly Beneath The Radar For Years I Never Let Anybody Inuntil I Met Blaise Lancaster Hes Kind And Funny And Full Of Hope Making Out With Him Is A Mistake, And Promising To Take His Virginity Is An Even Bigger One But Before I Can Make Good On My Promise, Faye And I Are Thrust Into Chaos OnceIts Time To Leave My Hometown Once And For Alland Theres No Time For Goodbyes A Decade Later Im Still Wary And Defensive My Solace At The End Of Each Day Is Listening To Blaises Award Winning Podcast When I Find Out That Hell Be Visiting A Local Bookstore On A Promotional Tour, I Decide To Go And Skulk In The Back Of The Room Then Our Eyes Meet, And I Realize That My Feelings For Blaise Have Never Truly Flickered Out Is It Too Late To Rekindle My First Love And Will Blaise Be Able To Forgive MeGuarded Hearts Is A Standalone Enemies To Lovers Gay Romance Featuring A Whole Lot Of Mutual Pining, A Second Chance At Love, And An HEA

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