[Epub] ➚ Hell On Earth: Hellhound Omegas Book One (English Edition) Auteur Macy Blake – Realestatelawcenter.us

Hell On Earth: Hellhound Omegas Book One (English Edition)Protector Boogeyman Hellhound Meshaq Has Been Called It All As Alpha Of The Hellhounds, His Goddess Has Tasked Him With Protecting The Secrets Of The Supernatural World Hes The Police Of Other Creatures And The Enforcer Of The Goddesss Rules If His Duty Leaves Him Lonely And Longing For A Mate And A Larger Pack, Well, The Goddess Knows The Secrets Of His Heart And She Will Grant Them If It Is Her Will.Drew Metcalf Is A Man On The Run When He Finds Himself In A Biker Bar Surrounded By Leather Wearing Giants, He Thinks Hes A Goner But Theres Something Different About The Man Slinging Drinks He Makes Drew Feel Safe, Something He Hasnt Felt In A Long Time.When Drew And Shaqs Worlds Collide, A Different Kind Of Magic Happens Shaq Doesnt Understand Why Hes So Drawn To The Human Whose Life Is Shrouded In Mystery And Danger What Shaq Does Know Is That Drew Needs His Protection Magical Forces Are At Work, Beginning A Battle That Will Require All Of Shaqs Skill As The Goddesss Champion With A Terrifying Threat Looming, Shaq And Drew Are In Danger Of Losingthan Their Hearts.

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