☉ The Alpha's Candy-Kissed Omega: MM Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alpha Kissed Book 2) (English Edition) PDF / Epub ❤ Auteur Lorelei M Hart – Realestatelawcenter.us

The Alpha's Candy-Kissed Omega: MM Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alpha Kissed Book 2) (English Edition)What Better Place To Meet Your Fated Mate Than An Extraordinary Candy Store And What Better Season Than Halloween Liam Is Arranging The Amazing Treats In The Window Of His Gourmet Candy Shop, Sugar, When A Jogger Taps On The Window Despite His Policy Not To Let Strangers In When Hes Alone In The Closed Store, This Stranger Is Too Irresistible To Send Away Edison Has Had His Eye On The Hot Alpha Store Owner For Months But Has Finally Gathered His Courage To Approach Him To His Relief And Delight, The Man Of His Dreams Asks Him Out On A Date Sweet But When A Little Boy Who Attends The Afterschool Activities At Edisons Community Center Falls Into Desperate Need, He Is Called Upon To Take Him Into His Home And So A Family Begins A Foster Child Who Has Been So Badly Harmed Brings Challenges, And Only A Very Strong, Loving Alpha Would Want To Take On Both An Omega And The Injured Child An Unexpected Pregnancy Ups The Ante.They Have Found One Another, But Are Things Moving Too Fast Can They Take Care Of The Children And Each Other As Well As The Businesses They Are Responsible For Can They Make A Home The Alphas Candy Kissed Omega Is A MM Non Shifter Mpreg With A Hot Successful Alpha, A Sexy, Caring Omega, A Little Boy Who Needs Them Both And An Adorable Baby Plus A Surprise Or Two Along The Way.

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