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Teddy and His Bear (Oh My! Book 1) (English Edition)At Twenty Four, Teddy Should Be Used To Feeling Abandoned And Unwanted After All, Hes Been Dealing With It Most Of His Life But A Recent Breakup Takes Him Completely By Surprise And Now Hes On His Own Again Nursing New And Old Hurts, He Leans On His Makeshift Family And Finds Solace In A Growing And Unexpected Friendship With An Older Man Forty Two Year Old Barrett Has Successfully Ignored His Biggest Need For Years His Last Boy Left Him Questioning Everything He Knew, And He Is Determined To Lead A Vanilla Life, No Matter How Much His Friends Try To Convince Him To Be True To Himself When He Learns His Favorite Barista Needs A New Place To Stay, He Offers A Solution That Leads To Spendingtime With The Younger Man A Change In Circumstances Brings Both Men Together And Their Buried Feelings To Light Teddy Knows Hes Attracted To Barrett But Isnt Sure If Hes Ready To Risk His Heart Again, And Barrett Is Losing The Struggle Against His Dominant Nature Will Learning Barretts Sexy Secret Be Too Much For Teddy, Or Is It Just The Thing He Never Knew He Needed Teddy His Bear Is A 90K Word Slow Burn, May December, Daddy Kink MM Romance Featuringone Hot Daddy, His Sweet New Boy, Coffee, And Unicorns.

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