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Richypoo, That’s Not a Bong: Chosen Book 13 (English Edition)Richmond PrattI Like Being A PI, But I Don T Love It I Like My Life In Tennessee, But I Don T Love It I Like The Apartment I Live In But I Don T Love It Basically My Life Is Full Of Stuff That I Can Live With Or Without With The Exception Of My Mom And My Sister, But They Have Their Own Lives When A Case Takes Me To Purdy, Nebraska, I Learn About Shifters And I Meet A Man I Can T Get Out Of My Head But I M Straight At Least, I Think I Am I Ve Never Really Been Too Passionate About Anyone Or Anything Being Around Payne And The Leap Of Shifters Opens My Eyes To The Fact That I Haven T Really Been Living A Life So Much As Just Keeping My Heart Beating From Day To Day Moving To Purdy And Starting A New Life That Involves People And Things I Actually Enjoy Being Around Is My New Life Goal But That Means Moving Is It A Good Thing Or An Absolute Disaster That Payne Volunteers To Tag Along And Help Out Payne BrooksI M Good With Disaster It S Familiar I Ve Watched Everyone, Including My Best Friend And Partner In Distraction Find Their Mate, And Though I Have No Idea What To Do With One Myself, I Would Love To Have The Kind Of Connection I Ve Watched Bloom Around Me Finding My Mate In The Human Man Who Brought It Upon Himself To Come All The Way Here From Another State To Stop A Hitman From Killing My Friend S Mate Would Be Absolutely Amazingif The Man Wasn T Straight How Do I Convince A Man Who S Never Been With Another Man Take A Chance On A Relationship With Me, When I M Not Even Sure I Know How To Be In One To Begin With But I Have To Try Moving Him From Tennessee To Nebraska Seems Like An Easy Task And Maybe A Way To Win My Mate Over Too Bad His Strange Neighbor Has Other Plans For My Mate Now I Have To Protect Him From A Tiger Shifter Who Is Looking To Take Over The Alpha Position By Bringing Home A Chosen Like A Trophy, While Moving Him Across Country And Convincing Him I M Worth Flipping His World Upside Down For Should Be Easy, Right Warning Mpreg Elements Also, My Books Have Little To No Angst, And Lots And Lots Of Fluff They Are Better Read In Order, Because I Kind Of Write Them Like A Continuation Of A Story, And I Don T Like To Repeat Explanations Over And Over If I Can Help It No Cheating, Because That Makes My Heart Hurt, And I Try To Avoid Things That Make Me Sad Like I SHOULD Be Avoiding Carbs Sorry, I Just Don T Want Anyone Being Disappointed If They Like The Angst Filled Heart Rippers These Readlike A Romantic Comedy Than A Romantic Drama Enjoy Blowing You Kisses

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