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Boy Shattered (English Edition)BrianYoull Make It Out Of Here, Brian I Swear.I Had Everythingschool Quarterback, Popular With Girls, And My Dad Was Proud Of Me I Told Myself It Didnt Matter No One Knew The Real Me And Then I Nearly Died Landon Saved My Life Hes The Bravest Guy I Know He Came Out A Few Years Ago, Proud And Fierce, And He Ran Into Gunfire To Help Others Me, Im A Mess Cant Even Stand To Be In A Room With The Curtains Open But Heres The Thing About Losing It All You Get A Chance To Start Over And Be Someone New Only How Can I Move On When The Two Shooters Who Attacked Our School Were Never Caught And Why Do I Feel Like Im Still In The Crosshairs LandonWill You Kiss Me When I Came Across Brian Marshall,the Hottest Guy In School, Dying On The Cafeteria Floor, I Did What Anyone Would Do I Tried To Save Him His Request Surprised Me, But I Figured He Needed Comfort, So I Kissed Him On The Forehead When He Survived And Came Back To School, He Was Broken In Body And Mind He Still Needed Me, And Soon We Were Unlikely Besties But What I Saw At School That Day Woke Me Up I Want To Demand Action On Gun Control, Lead Protests, Raise My Fist Ill Tear The World Down If I Have To And If I Can Get The Man Of My Dreams And Save The World At The Same Time Ill Take It Only I Didnt Understand That The Horror At Jefferson Waller High Wasnt Over.

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