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All He Ever Needed (English Edition)Some Secrets Are Too Heavy To Hold On To Forever For Ethan, Pretending Has Become Second Nature After All, Hes Spent The Last Decade Pretending To Be Straight, Pretending To Be Happy, And Pretending He Isnt Desperately In Love With His Best Friend But In A Single Moment Of Raw Honesty, All Those Lies Come Crashing Down Around Him And Hes Left Wondering What To Do Next.When Jase Learns His Best Friend Is Going Through A Breakup, His First Instinct Is To Come To Ethans Rescue, And He Knows Just The Thing To Help The Cabin Where They Spent Summers As Kids Is Sitting Vacant, And A Week There Is The Perfect Remedy To Start Healing A Broken Heart.In The Seclusion Of The Mountains, Long Buried Fears And Emotions Take Their Friendship Into Unexplored Territory That Will Either Bring Them Closer Together Or Tear Everything Apart.

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