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When Forever Changes (English Edition)From The USA Today Bestselling Author Of Inseparable Comes Another Emotional, Angsty, Friends To Lovers, Second Chance Romance STANDALONE TitleTOP 50 BESTSELLER Gabby Looking Back, I Should Have Seen The Signs Perhaps I Did, But I Subconsciously Chose To Ignore Them From The Time I Was Ten, When I First Met Dylan, I Knew He Was My Forever Guy Back Then, I Couldnt Put Words To What I Was Feeling, But, As The Years Progressed, I Came To Recognize It For What It Wassoul Deep Love The Kind Only Very Few People Ever Get To Experience Dylan Wasthan Just My Best Friend, My Childhood Sweetheart, My Lover He Was My Soul Mate We Were Carved From The Same Wholedestined To Be Together Forever.Until He Changed And I Believed I Was No Longer Good Enough Until He Shattered Me So Completely, It Felt Like I Ceased To Exist And Id Never Experienced Such Heart Crushing Pain.Until He Leveled Me A Second Time, And I Truly Wanted To Die.But I Had To Stay Strong Because I Wasnt Alone In This Cruel Twist Of Fate.I Look To The Sky, Pleading With The Stars, Begging Someone To Tell Me What I Should Do Because I Dont Know How To Deal With This I Dont Know How To Cope When My Forever Has Changed, And I Cant Help Wondering If I Had Seen The Signs Earlier, If Id Pushed Him, Would It Have Been Enough To Save Us Or Had Fate Already Decided To Alter Our Forever Due To Mature Content And Potential Triggers This Book Is Only Recommended To Readers Over The Age Of Eighteen.

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