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Dance With Him (With You Book 1) (English Edition)Nohook Ups Nofun Romps In Bed Thats The Vow Harper Spiers Takes After He Realizes He Wants Somethingthan Just A One Night Fling Harper Isnt Quite Prepared For The Sexy Cowboy Who Sweeps Him Off A Nightclub Barstool And Onto The Dance Floor To Be That Connection All Cody Reid Meant To Do When He First Approached Harper Was Talk, But He Found Himself Totally Smitten With The Adorably Awkward Man And Couldnt Resist Pulling Him Onto The Dance Floor After He Makes A Blunder And Harper Runs Off, Cody Believes Hell Never See The Man Who Intrigues Him Again Until A Happenstance Meeting On A City Street Changes Everything Harper Is Reluctant The Cowboy Would Truly Want Someone Like Him But Cody Thinks Harper Could Be The Man Hes Longed For All His Life Now All He Has To Do Is Convince Harper That Hes Meant To Dance With Him.

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