[Ebook] ↠ Made Mine: A Protectors / Made Marian Crossover (English Edition) Auteur Sloane Kennedy – Realestatelawcenter.us

Made Mine: A Protectors / Made Marian Crossover (English Edition)What Happens When A Group Of Tough Vigilantes Meets Up With A Big Hearted Family With Boundary Issues Reese Its Supposed To Be An Easy Job You Know, The Kind You Get After Youve Been Gone A While And The Boss Is Unsure Of How Capable You Still Are But Then Theres A Mugging, An Abduction, Two Thugs, And A Blackmail Scheme.And Smack Dab In The Middle Of It Is A Beautiful Lost Soul Who Needs Me The Scared, Young Gamer Geek Pushes All My Protective Buttons And Awakens Something Inside Me Thats Ready To Dive Right In And Inhale The Man.But How Could I Have Anything To Offer Someone Like Ben Im A Mess Injured, Scarred, Practically Closeted, The Recognizable Son Of A Famous Man Theres No Way I Can Ask Him To Give Me A Shot At Forever Right Ben It Seems Like Ive Been Looking Out For Myself My Entire Life Heck, I Was Even Given Away The Day I Was Born And, Yeah, Maybe If My Adoptive Parents Had Survived, I Would Have Had A Nice Life But They Didnt And I Dont Instead, Im Forced To Put Up With A Hateful, Scheming Foster Parent For The Sake Of Sticking Around To Care For My Little Sister.Only, When A Blackmail Plan Lands Little Georgie In The Hands Of Thugs, Its Clear Im Her Only Hope At Least Until I Meet The Big, Strong Bodyguard Someone Sends To Watch Over Me.Reese Is Everything Ive Ever Daydreamed About Protective, Attentive, Affectionate, And Dedicated But Hes Hiding Something, And I Dont Have The Time Or Energy To Figure Out What Because Time Is Running Out, And Georgie Is The Only Family I Have Left.Until The Biological Brother Who Never Wanted Me Shows Up And Turns Everything On Its Head.After Having Finally Accepted Its Just Georgie And Me, Suddenly Falling For My Protector And Being Surrounded By Griff And The Marian Clan Makes Me Question Everything Ive Ever Known About Myself And What Defines A Family.Can A Guy With A Broken Past Ever Build A Family With Someone Who Seems Too Good To Be True Reading Order Note CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE.While The Authors Recommend Reading Both The Made Marian Series By Lucy Lennox And The Protectors Series By Sloane Kennedy, It Isnt Required In Order To Understand The Story At The Least, You May Want To Consider Grounding Griffin Book 4, Made Marian Series By Lucy Lennox And Unexpected Book 10, The From The Protectors Series By Sloane Kennedy To Get A Little Bit Of Background However, This Novel, Despite Being A Crossover, Has Been Written In A Way That It Can Be Read On Its Own.

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