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Blondie’s 1998 with a Goat: Chosen Book 7Marlow Jeffers I M A Former Child Star, Whose Own Mother And Father Treated Like A Meal Ticket When Burn Out, And My Mother S Hateful Words To My Twin Brother Drove Me Away From The Life Of Fortune And Semi Fame, The Only Logical Solution Is To Buy A Food Truck So My Brother Can Follow His Passion, And Move To Purdy, Nebraska I M Used To Having A Few Creepers Staring Too Long And Even Following Me Around I Didn T Get As Far As I Did In My Professional Life Because I M Unattractive But The Aggressive Way One Customer Grabs My Wrist To Examine My Birthmark And Then Practically Sets Up Camp Outside My Truck Makes Menervous Than Any Obsessive Fan Ever Has When The Gorgeous And Funny Arry Martin With His Dark Skin, Pretty Blue Eyes And Ridiculous Goatee Comes To My Rescue, My Brother And I Find Out We Are Part Of A World We Never Knew Existed Unfortunately, I Almost Throw The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Away With Careless Ignorant Words I Ve Only Ever Been What Others Needed And Wanted Me To Be I Don T Know If I Have Anything Left To Give In The Way Of Being What Someone Else Needs Arry Martin The First Time I See Marlow, I M Blown Away By How Gorgeous He Is With His Movie Star Face And Perfect Body, Quickly Followed By Being Exceedingly Pleased By His Sassy Whit And Confidence He Really Is My Perfect Match, But He S Had To Deal With The Stress Of Pleasing Everyone Else His Whole Life Not Understanding How Perfectly He Already Fits Into My Life, He Rejects Our Mating, And In A Fit Of Grief, I Take Off Marlow Fears I Ll Never Be Able To Forgive Him Can I Can I Trust That He Won T Freak Out Again Can I Deal With His Sexy, Sassy Mouth, When He Won T Quit Making Fun Of My Facial Hair With The Cult Most Likely Gunning For My Leap, And Somebody Kidnapping Chosen And Selling Them As Breeders, My Mate And His Brother Are In Danger, And We Ll Need Our Friendly Fox And His FBI Cohorts To Keep Us All Safe Can My Mate Handle The Stress Of Being In My World, When He Came Here For A Break And Can My Little Blondie Handle 1998 With A Goat Warning Mpreg Elements Also, My Books Have Little To No Angst, And Lots And Lots Of Fluff They Are Better Read In Order, Because I Kind Of Write Them Like A Continuation Of A Story, And I Don T Like To Repeat Explanations Over And Over If I Can Help It No Cheating, Because That Makes My Heart Hurt, And I Try To Avoid Things That Make Me Sad Like I SHOULD Be Avoiding Carbs Sorry, I Just Don T Want Anyone Being Disappointed If They Like The Angst Filled Heart Rippers These Readlike A Romantic Comedy Than A Romantic Drama Enjoy Blowing You Kisses

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