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Call Me Baby: Chosen Book 4 (English Edition)Foster BryantI Ve Been Pretty Sure Burke Was My Was My Mate From The First Time I Saw Him On The Screen He And His Brother Were Using To Talk To Each Other From Two Different Places But As Long As My Leopard Doesn T Smell Him, I Can Give Us Both The Time We Need To Get Our Lives Together The Key Is Not Meeting Him Physically, Until The Time Is Right The Day I Walk Into My Best Friend S House And Smell The Most Amazing Scent On The Air, I Know That I Ve Run Out Of Time To Get My Crap Figured Out In Person, He S Everything I Ve Ever Dreamed He D Be And I M All Too Happy To Claim Him But He S Been Attacked By A Shifter, And Just Found Out He S Chosen I Don T Want To Spring This On Him Too, And End Up Making Him Run Back To Georgia, Like He S Always Threatening What I Don T Realize, Is That My Fear Of Scaring My Mate, Is Actually Breaking His Heart Can I Make It Right With Burke And Can I Save Him From A Crazed, Shifter Stalker, Who Is Convinced Burke Is His Burke HilliardI Think I Might Be Going Crazy Maybe It S All The Work Maybe It S My Creepy, Stalkerish Lab Partner But Only A Mental Break Can Explain Said Creepy Lab Partner S Face Going All Scary, And Him Attacking And Biting Me Right When I Go To Purdy, Nebraska To Get Away From It All And Visit My Adopted Brother Sutton, It Comes With A Special Surprise My Brother S Best Friend Of Five Years The One I Ve Never Actually Met, But Have Been In Constant Battle With For Almost As Long The Man I Ve Secretly Had The Biggest Crush On, Since The Very First Time He Annoyed And Then Bossed Me, While I Was Video Chatting My Brother When I Learn About Shifters And Mates, And What The Mark On My Rear End Is All About, I Finally Understand This Draw I Ve Always Had To The Annoying Man But If That Is True, Then Why Isn T Foster Saying Anything Am I Alone In This Crazy Pull And Is It Too Much To Ask For Him To Drop That Stupid Nickname, And Continue To Call Me Baby Warning Mpreg Elements Also, My Books Have Little To No Angst, And Lots And Lots Of Fluff They Are Better Read In Order, Because I Kind Of Write Them Like A Continuation Of A Story, And I Don T Like To Repeat Explanations Over And Over If I Can Help It No Cheating, Because That Makes My Heart Hurt Sorry, I Just Don T Want Anyone Being Disappointed If They Like The Angst Filled Heart Rippers These Readlike A Romantic Comedy Than A Romantic Drama Enjoy Blowing You Kisses

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