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Queen Takes Rook (Their Vampire Queen Book 4) (English Edition)The Epic Showdown Between The Last Isador Queen And House Skye Begins.Strengthened By Her New Queen Sib, Shara Isador Plans To Return To Her Mansion In Progress For Some Much Needed Rest She Especially Wants To Get To Know Her New Twin Blood And Fears She May Have Made A Mistake In Taking Them She Does Not Love Them Yet.However, The Sun God And The Queen Of New York City Have Other Plans.The Snares Are Set To Capture The Young But Extremely Powerful Vampire Queen Someone Inside Zaniyahs Nest Has Betrayed Them, And Sharas Trusted Butler Calls To Inform Her That A Large Package Has Arrived From Marne Ceresa, The Queen Of Rome A Trap, Surely Or Could The Unknown Gift Be An Olive Branch From The Feared Triune Queen This Is A MMFFM Polyam Series And Shara Will Never Be Forced To Choose Just One Whychoose

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