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The Big LeapMost Of Us Believe That We Will Finally Feel Satisfied And Content With Our Lives When We Get The Good News We Have Been Waiting For, Find A Healthy Relationship, Or Achieve One Of Our Personal Goals However, This Rarely Happens Good Fortune Is Often Followed By Negative Emotions That Overtake Us And Result In Destructive Behaviors I Don T Deserve This, This Is Too Good To Be True, Or Any Number Of Harmful Thought Patterns Prevent Us From Experiencing The Joy And Satisfaction We Have Earned Sound Familiar This Is What New York Times Best Selling Author Gay Hendricks Calls The Upper Limit Problem, A Negative Emotional Reaction That Occurs When Anything Positive Enters Our Lives The Upper Limit Problem Not Only Prevents Happiness, But It Actually Stops Us From Achieving Our Goals It Is The Ultimate Life Roadblock In The Big Leap, Hendricks Reveals A Simple Yet Comprehensive Program For Overcoming This Barrier To Happiness And Fulfillment, Presented In A Way That Engages Both The Mind And Heart Working Closely With Than 1,000 Extraordinary Achievers In Business And The Arts, From Rock Stars To Fortune 500 Executives, Whose Stories Are Featured In These Pages, The Book Describes The Four Hidden Fears That Are At The Root Of The Upper Limit Problem The Big Leap Delivers A Proven Method For First Identifying Which Of These Four Fears Prevents Us From Reaching Our Personal Upper Limit, And Then Breaking Through That Limitation To Achieve What Hendricks Refers To As Our Zone Of Genius Hendricks Provides A Clear Path For Achieving Our True Potential And Attaining Not Only Financial Success But Also Success In Love And Life.

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    This book uncovers the lies that keep us stuck far below where we can be I recommend this to all struggling with feeling like they are constantly repeating the same negative stories in their lives I recommend it to those who put in so much effort and till don t succeed like others putting in the same effort Many stories of how effectively it worked for the very successful who ran stuck in their careers Truly a Life changer Only for those who want to get unstu...

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    This book was honestly the biggest waste of money If you want to know the entire premise of the book, read the first chapter If you want to hear a man brag about all of the famous, rich and successful people he...

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    Ever wish you could power up your life This is a must read if you re not sure how to.It s easy to read, yet powerful Eye opening and chockful of useful advice on getting out of your own way.Walks you through how to move beyond your zone of excellence, growing gently and gracefully ...

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    I ve read quite a few self development books, and I m always delighted to find one with new and refreshing ideas because, you know, some stuff recurs from one book to the next So, The Big Leap was full of new ideas here, and ignited important reflexions.The chapter on Einstein time blew my mind, reason why I gave the book a 5 stars.I had one deception though, and it was that I personally didn t quite fit in any of his Upper Limit profiles, or maybe, only vague...

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    Loved this book It really challenged me to dig down and ask myself difficult questions Nudging me from my life path of doing what I thought I should do, was trained to do, to making course corrections to live a much rewarding and satisfying life Started me reading of Gay Hendricks books too.

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    During every chapter of this book I learned and about myself and how often I upper limit during my life This book is amazing and honestly life changing, I am so excited to tap into my zone of genius and live in there now and for forever

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    I think I may have highlighted and underlined most of this book So many useful tips and ideas Well laid out Great examples and illustrative stories I highly recommend this book

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    This book is jammed packed with inspiring ideas to ruminate on Some of the concepts are wildly new to me and some are confirmation of what life has been teaching me I will re read this book many times Loved it.

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