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The Closer's Survival Guide - Third EditionLearn To Close And You Will Never Be Without Work Or Without Money The Most Powerful Arsenal Of Closes Ever This Audiobook Over 120 Closes Includes 31 Money Closes, 17 Time Related Closes, 3 Pressure Closes, 3 Agreement Closes, 8 Decision Closes, And Another 64 Of The Most Creative Closes You Will Ever Find In One Book Financial Closing Is The Final Step In The Pursuit Of ANY Goal This Thing Called Closing Is Not Just Something That Sales People Do But Something That Applies To Every Person Nothing Truly Happens Until You Are Able To Engender The Support, Energy And Resources Of Others As Harsh As It May Seem The Close Is What Separates Those Who Have From Those Who Have From Those Who Don T Have This Critically And Vital Ability Is What Differentiates The Dreamer From The Exceptional Individual That Makes Dreams Come True The World Is Filled With People Who Have Grand Dreams Of New Products Or Ideas That Will Change The World That Never Become Reality Simply Because The Dreamer Couldn T Close Others On Supporting Their Dream The World Is Abundant With Grand Ideas And Big Dreams And Short On People Who Can Close Others On Funding, Supporting And Getting Behind Them It Is The Ability To Close That Makes A Difference Than Any Other Skill You Will Learn In Life Grant Cardone S Book, The Closer S Survival Guide, Is Not A Theory Of Closing The Deal, But Exactly HOW To Close The Deal Including The 20 Major Rules Of Closing And Over 120 Exact Closes That You Can Use Every Day

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    It is simply amazing how a book like this can have such an impact on how you see every client interaction in a new light as you actively and deliberately move towards the close with a clear vision of the end result You can t just read this book if you want to fully benefit from it You have to digest it You have to do the homework What I thought was going to be gaining some knowledge has turned into a process of continuous study and fine tuning the handling of virtually all sales ...

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    Globally this book is a book full of closing simulation.

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