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The Martian: A Novel8 Tips For Surviving On Mars From Andy Weir So You Want To Live On Mars Perhaps Its The Rugged Terrain, Beautiful Scenery, Or Vast Natural Landscape That Appeals To You Or Maybe Youre Just A Lunatic Who Wants To Survive In A Lifeless Barren Wasteland Whatever Your Reasons, There Are A Few Things You Should Know1 Youre Going To Need A Pressure Vessel Marss Atmospheric Pressure Is Less Than One Percent Of Earths So Basically, Its Nothing Being On The Surface Of Mars Is Almost The Same As Being In Deep Space You Better Bring A Nice, Sturdy Container To Hold Air In By The Way, This Will Be Your Home Forever So Try To Make It As Big As You Can 2 Youre Going To Need Oxygen You Probably Plan To Breathe During Your Stay, So Youll Need To Have Something In That Pressure Vessel Fortunately, You Can Get This From Mars Itself The Atmosphere Is Very Thin, But It Is Present And Its Almost Entirely Carbon Dioxide There Are Lots Of Ways To Strip The Carbon Off Carbon Dioxide And Liberate The Oxygen You Could Have Complex Mechanical Oxygenators Or You Could Just Grow Some Plants3 Youre Going To Need Radiation ShieldingEarths Liquid Core Gives It A Magnetic Field That Protects Us From Most Of The Nasty Crap The Sun Pukes Out At Us Mars Has No Such Luxury All Kinds Of Solar Radiation Gets To The Surface Unless Youre A Fan Of Cancer, Youre Going To Want Your Accommodations To Be Radiation Shielded The Easiest Way To Do That Is To Bury Your Base In Martian Sand And Rocks Theyre Not Exactly In Short Supply, So You Can Just Make The Pile Deeper And Deeper Until Its Blocking Enough4 Youre Going To Need WaterAgain, Mars Provides The Curiosity Probe Recently Discovered That Martian Soil Has Quite A Lot Of Ice In It About 35 Liters Per Cubic Meter All You Need To Do Is Scoop It Up, Heat It, And Strain Out The Water Once You Have A Good Supply, A Simple Distillery Will Allow You To Reuse It Over And Over5 Youre Going To Need FoodJust Eat Martians They Taste Like Chicken6 Oh, Come OnAll Right, All Right Food Is The One Thing You Need That Cant Be Found In Abundance On Mars Youll Have To Grow It Yourself But Youre In Luck, Because Mars Is Actually A Decent Place For A Greenhouse The Day Night Cycle Is Almost Identical To Earths, Which Earth Plants Evolved To Optimize For And The Total Solar Energy Hitting The Surface Is Enough For Their NeedsBut You Cant Just Grow Plants On The Freezing, Near Vacuum Surface Youll Need A Pressure Container For Them As Well And That One Might Have To Be Pretty Big Just Think Of How Much Food You Eat In A Year And Imagine How Much Space It Takes To Grow ItHope You Like Potatoes Theyre The Best Calorie Yield Per Land Area 7 Youre Going To Need EnergyHowever You Set Things Up, It Wont Be A Self Contained System Among Other Things, Youll Need To Deal With Heating Your Home And Greenhouse Marss Average Daily Temperature Is 50C 58F , So Itll Be A Continual Energy Drain To Keep Warm Not To Mention The Other Life Support Systems, Most Notably Your Oxygenator And If Youre Thinking Your Greenhouse Will Keep The Atmosphere In Balance, Think Again A Biosphere Is Far Too Risky On This Scale8 Youre Going To Need A Reason To Be ThereWhy Go Out Of Your Way To Risk Your Life Do You Want To Study The Planet Itself Start Your Own Civilization Exploit Local Resources For Profit Make A Base With A Big Death Ray So You Can Address The UN While Wearing An Ominous Mask And Demand Ransom Whatever Your Goal Is, You Better Have It Pretty Well Defined, And You Better Really Mean It Because In The End, Mars Is A Harsh, Dangerous Place And If Something Goes Wrong Youll Have No Hope Of Rescue Whatever Your Reason Is, It Better Be Worth It Remember Man Plus, Frederik Pohls Award Winning 1976 Novel About A Cyborg Astronaut Whos Sent, Alone, To Mars Imagine, Instead, That The Astronaut Was Just A Regular Guy, Part Of A Team Sent To The Red Planet, And That, Through A Series Of Tragic Events, Hes Left Behind, Stranded And Facing Certain Death Thats The Premise Of This Gripping And Given Its Subject Matter Startlingly Plausible Novel The Story Is Told Mostly Through The Log Entries Of Astronaut Mark Watney, Chronicling His Efforts To Survive Making The Prefab Habitat Livable And Finding A Way To Grow Food, Make Water, And Get Himself Off The Planet Interspersed Among The Log Entries Are Sections Told From The Point Of View Of The NASA Specialists, Back On Earth, Who Discover That Watney Is Not Dead As Everyone Assumed And Scramble Together A Rescue Plan There Are Some Inevitable Similarities Between The Book And The 1964 Movie Robinson Crusoe On Mars, But Where The Movie Was A Broad Sci Fi Adventure, The Novel Is A Tightly Constructed And Completely Believable Story Of A Mans Ingenuity And Strength In The Face Of Seemingly Insurmountable Odds Riveting David Pitt

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