[Reading] ➶ Holidays in Hell: In Which Our Intrepid Reporter Travels to the World's Worst Places and Asks, "What's Funny About This?" (O'Rourke, P. J.) (English Edition) By P J O Rourke – Realestatelawcenter.us

Holidays in Hell: In Which Our Intrepid Reporter Travels to the World's Worst Places and Asks, "What's Funny About This?" (O'Rourke, P. J.) (English Edition)Download XB Holidays In Hell In Which Our Intrepid Reporter Travels To The World S Worst Places And Asks, Quot What S Funny About This Quot O Rourke, P J English Edition Author P J O Rourke Marjoriejane No Doubt About It P J O Rourke Has A Bizarre Sense Of Fun What I Ve Been, He Writes In His Introduction To Holidays In Hell Is A Trouble Tourist Going To See Insurrections, Stupidities, Political Crises, Civil Disturbances And Other Human Folly Because Because It S Fun Forget Hawaii Or The Poconos O Rourke Gets His Jollies In Places Like War Torn Lebanon Where He Is Greeted At The Border By A Gun Barrel In His Face, Or Seoul, Just In Time For Election Day Violence Wherever He Goes, However, O Rourke Takes His Quirky Sense Of Humor, Laser Eye For Detail, And Artful Way With Words A Philippine Army Officer Is Powerful Looking In A Short, Compressed Way, Like An Attack Hamster, And The Syrian Army Is Described As Having Dozens Of Silly Hats, Mostly Berets In Yellow, Orange And Shocking Pink, But Also Tiny Pillbox Chapeaux The Paratroopers Wear Shiny Gold Jumpsuits And Crack Commando Units Have Skin Tight Fatigues In A Camouflage Pattern Of Violet, Peach, Flesh Tone And Vermilion On A Background Of Vivid Purple This Must Give Excellent Protective Coloration In, Say, A Room Full Of Palm Beach Divorcees In Lily Pulitzer DressesO Rourke S Flip, Sarcastic Style Isn T For Everyone, Of Course The Concept That Anyone Could Find Sightseeing In The Beirut Or El Salvador Of The S Fun Might Prove Offensive Tothan A Few Readers Right Off The Bat But Love Him Or Hate Him, P J O Rourke Knows How To Tell A Good Story, And If You Like Your Travel Writing Laced Withthan A Little Cynicism, Holidays In Hell Could Be Just The Book You Ve Been Looking ForO Rourke Is Not The Least Concerned With Political Correct Holidays In Hell Is A Surreal And Wickedly Funny Travelogue To Some Of The World S Hellholes Actor Victor Slezak Reads The Essays In A Deadpan Tone, Which Lets The Powerful Comment Come Through Right Along With The Wit BV C AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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